The Winchester M1897 shotgun was designed as an improvment from the Winchester M1893 created by John Moses Browning. The shotgun was popular and saw extensive use in both World Wars.

Kanta's M1897Edit

Kanta's M1897 is likely the Riot model as it lacks the bayonet lug and heat shield of the Trench model while maintaining the shortened barrel. It is also able to shoot a variety of shotgun ammo as seen in the story line.


Weight: 3.6 kg. / 8 lbs.

Length: 1000 mm. / 39.25 in. max

Barrel Length: 20, 26, 28, or 30 in. depending on the model

Caliber: 12 ga. or 16 ga.

Effective Range: ~20 m. / ~22 yards

Action: Pump

Magazine: 5 cartridges

An ability unique to the M1897 during it's era was its ability to slam-fire, that is simulating semi-automatic fire by holding down the trigger and working the pump, as it lacked a trigger disconnector.