M79 afmil

An M79 with the sight unfolded

The M79 was issued to the US army in 1961 in an attempt to increase the firepower of individual infantry units. It's reliability and firepower meant it became very popular among soldiers. It became so popular it is still in use by some countries and special forces.

Kosuna's M79Edit

The M79 Kosuna carries seems to be a cut down variation to account for her small build.


Weight: 2.7 kg. / 5.95 lbs.

Length: 731 mm. / 28.78 in.

Barrel Length: 357 mm. / 14 in.

Caliber: 40x46 mm. grenade

Effective Range: 350 m. / 383 yards

Action: Break

Magazine: 1 shell

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