Alternate names

Brat, Master

Seiyū (Japanese)

Chiwa Saitō

Voice actor(s) (English)

Luci Christian








Underground Mercenaries



Debut (Manga)

Volume 2, Chapter 1

Debut (Anime)

Episode 4

Kosuna is the former apprentice of the Shimmer Sniper. Her goal is to become the desert's number one "power babe" mercenary, meaning stronger than any man and more beautiful than any woman. After the Shimmer Sniper is defeated by Kanta, Kosuna follows him and constantly begs to be made his apprentice. Kanta highly objects at first but eventually accepts her after she shows him a picture of a large breasted woman Kosuna claims to be her mother, implying how attractive Kosuna would be in years to come. Kanta, a heavily perverted guy, can't help but accept her, though his personal motives are clearly to groom Kosuna to be his personal mate when she grows up. Kosuna is young and flat-chested, and quite androgynistic in the manga something Desert Punk teases her about, causing her to dislike huge chested women like Junko. Kosuna detests Junko's ability to manipulate her master and has attempted to kill her on more than one occasion. Seemingly unable to complete any task by herself at first, she's surprisingly an able assistant and honestly looks up to Kanta, despite his pervertedness. She is very loyal and follows orders with little or no complaints, even going as far to defend some of Kanta's actions when others critisize them. Kosuna may be the only person in the series who actually cares for Kanta and she might even have some feelings for him. In episode 21, Kosuna took in Mitz as her own apprentice, she became hard on him since he tag along with her wven after learning about his "Hulk Syndrome", nevertheless she does care for him.

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Kosuna and Kanta